Line Drawing & Painting

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  • Pondicherry , India
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Artist. V. VASANDAN., B.V.A (Fine Arts Teacher)

       I have been really blessed to be born in Pondicherry, and that, too, in a family ever cherishing the Arts and Crafts in Wood-Carving. My Paternal Grandfather, R. Rajagopale Achari, and his younger brother Rama Achari, had been well-known for the works of Artifacts and artistic Wood-Carving products in those days of the French Regime. Following the footprints of my Paternal Grandfather, R. Rajagopale Achari, and my Father, Mr. Virappan Achari, a well-renowned personage in Wood Carving, Statues Crafting, especially, Temple or Shine Icons of Gods & Goddesses, the very milieu itself has given me a hunger for learning Art of drawing and painting since I have observed my father doing the same before commencing Wood Carving Works. By this type of keen observation, I have got my mindset fully groomed for the field of Art, specifically, for the field of Line-Drawing and Painting.

      If at all I have to put forth my overwhelming feelings of gratitude, first and foremost, I have to do that for my father and mother, who have fully supported and molded me to become one among the recognized artists in the community of artists in Pondicherry. I have found out my Artistic impulse only when was doing my 3rd Std. At that time only I had taken part in drawing competition and had been awarded the First Prize. That has made me feel so much as if I were floating in the air. Much more I felt when my Father embraced me and gave me a blessing kiss on my head and which had made my Flow of Consciousness surged up like anything. That has made me to follow the same as a duty to take part in any competition held anywhere. One more thing I have to say, from the days of boyhood, I have been rambling around the whole Puducherry, simply for the urge of sight-seeing the Natural Scenario, filled with all types of greeneries and the enormous kinds of fauna and flora.

     When we delve into the biographies of the great achievers in the field of arts, especially, in the Painting arts arena, we could find out that no one had made any distinction when they were in their schooling days. Such has been my Schooling days, too. After my School studies I have chosen for my higher studies only the field of fine arts. When I have had the opportunity to see the remarkable paintings done by the eminent professors of the Bharathiar Palkalai Koodam, where I have had my Under-graduation in Visual Arts (B.V.A), I have had the chances of approaching the Professors for the sake of getting clarifications, explanations, and definitions about those creative paintings.

     Whenever I have approached them, they have encouraged me by giving me very many suggestions for improving my drawing capabilities. I have made it a practice to participate in exhibitions, and that has given me the chances of communicating and exchanging ideas and views about drawing and painting with other famous artists from all over India. I have been very much interested in observing the aesthetic beauty of nature especially leaves. At the time “Thane” storm in 2010, I happened to see a fully shriveled leaf covering lavish greeneries, reflecting the sun light, enthralled me. I have taken that impressions and created a series of paintings, which was appreciated by the artist community. From Mother Nature and my own meditative experience, I have created Line- Drawing to express and share my meditation-based creative journey in this walk of life. The grand blessings of Lord Siva have granted me the boon of being placed as an Art Teacher in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., from the year of 2015 onwards. There have been given the opportunity to teach drawings and paintings for both the kids of both the sexes as well as the adults of the same cadres in almost with all the niceties and nuances of the drawing and painting techniques.   




National & International Level :-

* 2019 International Global Winner of Merit Award - International Online Art Competition Bindaas Artist Group, India.
* 2019 Memento Award - Dubai Municipality, Jumeirah Beach Mural Paintings, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. U.A.E.
* 2017 Memento Award - Pondicherry Art Akademy, National Exhibition of Art - Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai.
* 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Service Award Emirates Environmental Group, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. U.A.E.
* 2015 Cash Award, From S.D. Ahuja Foundation, Kolkata, India. 2014 Merit Award in ADR Mera Vote mera Desh National Art Competition, Govt of India.
* 2010 Cash Award National Level Paintings Competition Organized by Ministry of Panchayatraj, Govt of India.


South Reginal Level :

* 2014 Cash Award South Reginal Level Kasthuri Sreenivasan Trust, Coimbatore.
* 2013 Winner of Cash Award From Camel Art Foundation Ltd Mumbai, India.
* 2009 Elam Kalaimani Award From Youth Congress, Puducherry.


State Level :


2014 Merit Award From Dept. of Art & Culture, Govt. of Puducherry.
* 2013 Cash Award From Tourism Dept, Govt. of Puducherry.
* 2013 Shield Award, South Zone Culture Centre, Thanjauvr, Tamil Nadu.
* 2012 Shield Award From BPK Fine Arts College Silver Jubiles, Puducherry.
* 2011 Shield Award From BPK Fine Arts College, Conducted by ABVP- Puducherry.
* 2007 Shield Award, Govt. of Puducherry, Department of Agriculture, Puducherry.
* 2006 Shield Award From Govt. of Puducherry, Peartiment of Forests & Wild Life, Puducherry.
* 2006 The State Best Student Award in Art & Creativity From Govt. of Puducherry.


Title of the Awards :-


* 2017 Oviya Sudar oli Award, All India Cultural Foundation, Salam, Tamil Nadu.
* 2014 Mercury Award, Certificate of Achievement Mercury Television, Puducherry.
* 2013 Elaingar Kalai Suduar Award, Art Development Organisation, Puducherry.
* 2012 Youth Award (Arts), Royal Television, Puducherry.
* 2009 Kalai Kurinji Viruthu, Art Development Organisation, Puducherry.
* 2008 Kalai Sudar Award, Art Development Organisation, Puducherry.
* 2008 Sirantha Oviyathirkana Viruthu, Puducherry.
* 2008 Ilanturikai Pattam, Annai Kalaikoodam, Puducherry.
* 2007 Uvasri Kala Bharathi Award, Tamil Nadu.


PARTICIPATION (Exhibition) :


* 2019 International Art Exhibition, Professor with Profession All Over the World International Online Art Competition, India. (International Art Exhibition).
* 2018 National UAE Art Festival & Exhibition From Dubai.(International Art Exhibition).
* 2018 National Exhibition of Art, Pondicherry Art Akademy, From Lalit Kala Akademi Chennai.
* 2018 Pudhuvai Muthamizh Sangam, Puducherry. (South Indian Art Exhibition).
* 2018 National Art Exhibition 100th All India Annual Exhibition Organisation, The Art Society of India. Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. (All Indian Art Exhibition).
* 2017 1st National Exhibition of Art Pondicherry Art Akademy.(All Indian Art Exhibition).
* 2016 International Art Exhibition Gemini Prize - Asia House, London.(International Art Exhibition).
* 2016 International Watercolor Society, Cartoon Art Gallery, Dubai, U.A.E (International Art Exhibition).
* 2016 National Art Exhibition Gulbarga Academy of Art Culture Gulbarga, Karnataka. (All Indian Art Exhibition).
* 2016 National Art Exhibition Organisation Nav Shri Art & Culture, New Delhi. (All Indian Art Exhibition).
* 2016 57th National Exhibition of Art Lalit Kala Akademi Regional Centre, Lucknow. (All Indian Art Exhibition).
* 2015 National Art Exhibition S.D.Ahuja Foundation, Kolkata,(All Indian Art Exhibition).
* 2014 “Mera Vote Mera Desh” National Art Competition, Govt. of India New Delhi. (All Indian Art Exhibition).
* 2014 “Meri Beti Mera Astitva” National Art Competition, Govt. of India New Delhi. (All Indian Art Exhibition).
* 2014 National Art Exhibition Baroda Fine Arts Collage, Bangalore.(All Indian Art Exhibition).
* 2014 Kasthuri Sreenivasan Trust Culture Centre, Coimbatore. (South Indian Art Exhibition).
* 2014, 2015 Chandra Ilango Art Foundation, Chennai. (South Indian Art Exhibition).
* 2013, 2014 National Art Exhibition - Camel Art Foundation, Mumbai.(All Indian Art Exhibition).
* 2013 South Zone Cultural Centre, Thanjavur. (South Indian Art Exhibition).




* 2019 Reflections Art Fair & International Watercolor Society Dubai - Art Camp Al Qasba, Sharjah.
* 2019 International Art Camp - Zee Arts (UAE Symbol of Tolerance) Dubai Outlet Mall, Dubai. U.A.E.
* 2017 International Art Camp - International Water Colour Society, Dubai. U.A.E.
* 2016 57th National Art Camp Govt. of India Lalit Kala Akademi Regional Centre, Lucknow, India.
* 2014 South India Art Camp - Ainthinai Living Art Tradition, Tamil Nadu.
* 2014 Arikkamedu Art Academy, Puducherry.
* 2012, 2014, 2013 - Organized by Ellora Fine Arts & Culture, Puducherry.




* 2018 - 2015 Exhibition House Sri Aurobindo’s Society, Puducherry.
* 2016 UC Dino Art & International Water Color Society, Dubai. U.A.E.
* 2015 Sofitel International Hotel Corniche Beach, Abu Dhabi. U.A.E.
* 2015 Art Houz Gallery, Chennai.
* 2014 Vanna Aruvi Art Gallery, Puducherry.
* 2013 Art Beat, Contemporary Indian Art Gallery, Puducherry.
* 2013 Maison Perumal Hotel, Puducherry.
* 2011, 2014, 2015 - BPK Fine Arts College, Puducherry.
* 2013 Club Bhel Township Ranipet, Vellore. Tamil Nadu.




* 2014 Painting Work Shop Department of Pediatrics JIPMER, Puducherry.
* 2014 Drawing Work Shop Arikkamedu Art Academy, Puducherry.
* 2013 Paintings & Craft Workshop at Small Wonders Kindergarten School, Puducherry.
* 2013 Portrait Work Shop JIPMER 2nd International & 7th National Annual SWCR at Puducherry.
* 2013 Oviya Santhe CJB Art Foundation, Coimbatore.
* 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 - Karnataka Chitrakal Parishath, Karnataka.
* 2012, 2015 - Puducherry Oviya Nunkalai Kuzhu, Puducherry.
* 2009 Universal Teachers’ Academy ( Guinness World Record Attempt Longest Paintings by Numbers1000 Metres Paintings on Canvas by 120 Artist Members) Puducherry.


INTERNATIONAL (Graduation Ceremony):


* 2019 Achievement Award, 6th Uc Dino Art Graduation Ceremony, Dubai, U.A.E.
* 2018 Achievement Award, 5th Uc Dino Art Graduation Ceremony, Dubai, U.A.E.
* 2017 Dedicated Service Award 4th Graduation Ceremony, Dubai, U.A.E.
* 2016 Achievement Award, 3nd Uc Dino Art Graduation Ceremony, Dubai, U.A.E.




* 2019 Landscape of Pondicherry Region & People (Line Drawing Book) Support by Govt. of Puducherry. Published by vasandanachari All Rights Reserved. ISBN 978-81-933581-4-6.
* 2017 Honor Govt. of India Published the (My Stamp) No. K203814 Post Office National Philatelic Museum New Delhi, Organized By All India Cultural Foundation, Tamil Nadu, India.